Skin care routine 

Hi guys!

I’m going to be completely honest, my skin care routine is super lazy. I probably fall asleep with makeup on more than I should.

My skin is very sensitive especially to cleansers. The 3-step Clinque cleansing kit absolutely ruined my skin 2 days after using it. If I’m not wearing makeup, then I won’t wash my face with anything besides water.

To remove my makeup I use Neutrogena makeup removing wipes.

To cleanse my skin I use Simple Micellar water.

I also use Ponds cold cream.

To exfoliate I use Garnier The expert exfoliating daily exfoliating gel (this has been discontinued and I can’t find anything as good)

To moisturize:

  • Glycerine mixed with water
  • Boots expert sensitive hydrating serum
  • Boots expert sensitive hydrating moisturizer
  • Ponds crema S cream

These work well for my sensitive skin. What works for your skin?



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