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Cleaning my brushes is my least favorite part of makeup.  Honestly, I find that most brush shampoos do not work.  I’m sure I’m not the only person who finds they just don’t get the brush clean.  In some cases the brush looks mostly clean with a few dirty spots, but after using it 1-2 more times it looks like I’ve been using it for weeks.  The other issue I have is with typical foundation brushes, the bristles seem to be stuck together and flat, no matter how much I wash it.

Finally, I found a method that solved all these issues.  If you’ve been online recently, then you have probably heard about it.  I mix dish soap with some olive oil and use that to clean the brushes.  This got all the makeup out and brought my old brushes back to life.  If you are having trouble getting brushes clean, then I definitely recommend this!


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    I’ve heard that this is a great method! I recently tried using baby shampoo, which I ended up loving! My brushes become so soft and smell really nice after too 🙂 nice post!

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