Reapplying foundation

Hey guys,

I feel like so many foundations say they’ll last all day and by hour 7 or so, they look terrible. Of course, this always happens on days where you want your foundation to look flawless late into the evening. I was always puzzled by how to touch up foundation without being cakey, but I finally found a way. 

It’s simple, instead of removing your foundation with a makeup wipe put some tinted moisturizer or bb cream on a paper towel/tissue and use it to wipe of your makeup. It’ll take off some foundation while leaving your skin looking dewy. Then reapply your foundation and you’ll look good as new. 

This also comes in handy on days when you put on a foundation and it doesn’t look good, so you want to switch foundations without remoisturizing and prepping the skin again.

What are your makeup removal tips?


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