Loreal vox box review

Hi guys!

Recently, I received the new L’oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Vox Box from influenster. I’ve been using the products for about a month and my opinions have changed dramatically, so I’m going to break this down into first impressions and how I feel now.

I received the shampoo,conditioner and hair oil.


After one use

After a few uses

First impression:

  • It takes a lot of shampoo to feel like my hair is clean.
  • Shampoo is drying
  • The shampoo irritated my eyes.
  • Strong grandma like perfume scent
  • I like the conditioner and hair oil.
  • Products lightened my hair.

Current review:

After using it for a month, the shampoo didn’t seem to clean my hair anymore. It looked oily and dirty no matter what I did. I went back to my regular shampoo and it’s starting to get back to normal. My hair looked more damaged and frizzy after using this system for an extended period of time. Overall my hair was softer.


I’ll probably continue to use the conditioner and the oil but I won’t use the shampoo. If you have sensitive eyes, I would stay away from this line. Also, if you have colored hair, stay away. It faded my hair after the first use.

Thanks for reading!


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    I’ve had the same issue with the loreal shampoos , I think it’s cause of the silicones they have in the shampoo. It keeps on coating your hair so it seems softer after the first couple of washes. After that it just builds up on your hair ☹

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