Sunday Style 7-17-16


Hi y’all!

This weekend Jon and I spent our time shopping in the city.  If you have followed my blog for a while, then you know I’m New York based.  We decided to spend the beautiful (and incredibly hot) day pokemon hunting and shopping!  We went to The Face Shop as well as Tony Moly.  For lunch, we decided to try Blue Ribbon Chicken, which was delicious!  The fries were amazing!  Anyway, before this turns into a food post, lets take a look at what I wore.


I decided to go for a 90’s inspired outfit.IMG_7803



-My shirt was $3 from Primark.  This shirt is so comfortable and looks great.  If you have a primark near you, check it out!  They are new to the U.S. but are well worth the visit!

-My shorts are from Walmart.

-The chocker is from forever 21.

-The watch is Michael Kors.  I got mine on sale at Macys but it is also available on Amazon.

I paired the outfit with a purple based lipstick from NYX and Almay Waterproof Mascara.

In addition here are some other photos from the day!  I found some cute lotions at the face shop, as well as many face masks that I will share with you guys in a haul post!

  IMG_4199 How cute are these compacts?



Doesn’t it look delicious?  The fries are some of the best I’ve ever had!

Do you have any favorite places to go in NYC? Comment and let me know!



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