Everyday Flawless Foundation Routine

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Acne?Redness? Dull,tired skin? I feel you. No one wakes up with perfect skin,  the beauty industry counts on that. In fact, beauty companies essentially sell hope and miracles. Ever shell out way too much money for products that just don’t give you a flawless base? Even worse is when people say “you need flawless skin for a flawless foundation application.” Does this annoy anyone else? If I had flawless skin, then I wouldn’t be wearing makeup! Anyway,my rant is over.

These products are what I use to make my skin look flawless. These products can be found at Ulta.  They are a bit on the pricey side, but I believe in spending my money on my foundation because I have such difficult skin.  My skin is dry, slightly textured and very fair with a neutral undertone (nc15 for reference).  Finding a foundation that matches my skin tone,gives me coverage and doesn’t emphasis my dryness is almost impossible, which is why I splurge on it when I need to.
First, I prime with the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer to fill in my pores and create something for my foundation to grab on to. Next, I go in with one pump of my Japonesque foundation. I apply it with a rounded top ELF brush (pictured). I don’t remember the name of it, but it’s a great buffing brush.

Once everything is blended, I take a second pump of the foundation and apply to blemishes only! I use the same ELF brush to stipple it on. Stippling instead of buffing helps increase coverage.
I follow up with my Maybelline Fit Me concealer under my eyes. Then, I use my Dermologica Pressed Powder to set the concealer.  However,  I don’t apply the powder all over my face because I tend to be flaky and dry in the areas I break out in.
Finally, I use Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray to keep my makeup in place all day long!
What products do you use for a flawless face?

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