Top 5 Valentine’s Day Beauty Gifts Under $75

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Beauty Gifts Under $75

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! If you are waiting to the last minute, like I tend to, then you are probably rushing around trying to figure out what thoughtful gifts you can get in store or with fast shipping! Your probably looking at the typical gifts like chocolate, flowers and jewelry, but there are so many less generic options out there. I mean really, how many necklaces can you buy one person! And please guys, let’s take a break from the lingerie idea and get creative with something we can actually use!  Lucky for you I put together a list of the top beauty gifts for Valentine’s Day! These are all products I either own or have personally asked for!

About the products:

Makeup shopping is tricky no matter what. Shopping for oneself can be difficult, forget trying to buy makeup for others. There are so many factors and it can feel impossible, hence why chocolate and jewelry are go -to options for this day. However, the products on this list are meant to be universally flattering, so you don’t have to worry about skin tones or types. These should work for everyone!

The products:

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette:

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First off, this palette smells like chocolate! Nothing says Valentine’s Day like chocolate makeup! If the special someone in your life loves chocolate and eyeshadow, pick this one up! The colors are beautiful, they blend easily and there are so many looks to create with it! This was given to me last year for Valentine’s Day and I love it! It creates brilliant looks for Day time and night time. Bonus points if you give some chocolate bars with it as well! Chocolate themed Valentine’s Day anyone?

Estée Lauder Blush Palette:

So, this is from Estée Lauder’s holiday line, but it’s one of those products I think is valuable no matter the holiday. This palette comes with blush and bronzer options for all skin tones! If your significant other loves warmed up skin or light flushes-then this is definitely the palette! Estée Lauder’s blush formula is by far my favorite and looks so natural on the skin. Macy’s still has this in stock online!

Estée Lauder Lipstick Kit:

Another holiday kit! Just like the blush palette, this can still be found at Macy’s. This set contains 3 liquid lipsticks in a nude pink, a purple and a red. If the person in your life is a lipstick junkie, go with these! Although I haven’t tried them yet-currently waiting for my order to arrive- these are supposed to be comfortable, long-wearing and non- transferable(meaning she can kiss you without making a mess).  The colors included are pretty neutral, so they should work on most skin tones!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders:

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Okay, so these are expensive! Each powder is $46 for the full-size or $60 for the palette with 3 shades(not full sized shades). These come in many different colors but I recommend dim light! These powders give a soft flattering glow that is perfect for Valentine’s Day! It also blurs imperfection and creates a slight filter! These are worth every penny and look wonderful on the skin! It’s a great option for those who love a soft candle lit glow or natural looking makeup!

Too faced Peach Palette:

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If she doesn’t have this yet, chances are she wants it! Just like the chocolate bar palette, this one smells like peaches! The shades in this palette are super Valentine’s Day appropriate with peachy and rosy shades! Although I haven’t tried this one, the reviews say it is amazing and easy to work with. The shades are great for Day time and night time looks!


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